Welcome to Little Imp, the first and original fanlisting for Midna from Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess! This fanlisting is also a Midna shrine and contains media and information pertaining to Midna, the mischievous imp. There are spoilers within this site, and such sections will be marked. You are viewing version 4 of the website, featuring Midna's true form as Twili royalty. Please enjoy your visit, and hopefully you'll join the fanlisting!

18 Sep 2010// A new doujinshi titled Whisper of the Forest has been updated to our Midna shrine and fanlisting, Little Imp. This 25-page doujinshi is by Rio Akisaki and is a gag/romance story about Link and Midna. The artwork is beautiful, so I definitely recommend taking a look at it! We've also included some interviews, and we'll be adding more as we locate more!

09 Sep 2010// Some voice files of Midna's ungarbled, English speech has been added to the website! You can listen here in the Midna section, or here on the forums!

31 Aug 2010// 7 new icons have been added to the site! Check them out in the forums or in the icon section!

01 June 2010// A new doujinshi has been added! Futaritabi is a Midna x Link romantic doujinshi. It's a little short, but the artwork is excellent and the story is touching. Head on over to the doujinshi section of this site to view the pages in both the original Japanese and the English scanlation! I've also gone ahead and uploaded a new wallpaper featuring a doujinshi scan of Midna's true form. Check it out in the wallpaper section!


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  • Name// "Little Imp" was chosen because, well, Midna is an imp! Midna refers to herself as little imp in TP, and imp means somebody who is mischievous (or also, a small demon).
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